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Below are some reviews from the seminars of 2022

"I recently attended 2 of Dr Bill's seminars, Chronic Disease, Detoxification and Rife Technology and Reversing Alzheimer's"


"I so appreciate his work and research so that those willing to listen and act can truly begin to promote and maintain health the way we are meant to be. Self care needs to reach us via different pathways and Dr Bill has answers and solutions that we can take forward in this much needed time."


Cathy Hohmeyer

Executive Chef/Energist

Co-Owner Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Occupational Therapist

Creator of Nutritional Energetics


I attended Dr Bill's Detox and Rife seminar and learned so much.

Dr. Bill is very knowledgeable and passionate about these subjects. He gave lots of useful information on how to minimize the exposure to toxins, how to find out if you're already exposed and how to detox at home. 

He also gave a very thorough background on each covered subject. 

These are heavy subjects but Bill lightens things up with his sense of humor. I laughed a lot.

I think it will take me months to process and apply all the knowledge :)

Muli Segal

"I thoroughly enjoyed your online program as it helped pull of lot information together in my mind. This

will surely help me in dealing with personal and client health issues moving forward. I have experience with hair analysis and offered it for years.  I studied under Rick Malter in Arizona- Magnesium Man. From his training and all the hair analysis I saw, I understand how important this one mineral is.  I've also studied glyphosates and the negative impact they have on the health of humankind, the planet, and, as a beekeeper, the bees. A lot of what you taught in your detox program pulled together pieces and parts in my mind. Thank you for offering your knowledge to others around the world when we need it the most."

Bella Donna

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