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Quantum Magnetic Analyzer (2023)

Quantum Magnetic Analyzer (2023)

SKU: 364215376135191

This is the machine that I used to measure heavy metals in my detox research. I have validated the accuracy through supplementation and remeasuring. I have also determined the same trends in heavy metal toxicity using Spooky2 scalar technology. The new 2023 model provides a 122 page report on heavy metals, minerals, organs and organs systems and even charts on chinese medicine.  The old models are not as accurate. You can read a few reviews for this machine on my the main page of this website, scroll down until you get the review section.


    The Quantum Magnetic Analyzer accurately measures heavy metals, mineral deficiencies and the status of organs and organ systems. 


    1-Year Guarantee


    The shipping is included in the price of the product

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